(Zurich) The lean office: scan service for documents

More and more Swiss companies are scanning all documents for archival purposes in order to be able to quickly access digitally archived business transactions.

Zurich,  10. September 2016 – No question – the paperless office has long been on the rise. The many advantages of a digital document management system are impressive: high labor time savings, enormous cost reduction potential, the possibility to immediately retrieve documents using search commands on the PC , less employee stress and higher customer satisfaction through fast processing.

However, managing all digital documents in self-government can also be an expensive mistake
for companies. Because there are numerous pitfalls. Elegant, cost-effective and less risk-sensitive is often the outsourcing to a professional scanning service.

Fast Workflow via the Digital Document Management System

Digital archiving systems have existed since the 90s. Through the rapid development of the
technology, it is now possible for every company to scan the entire document workflow and to
retrieve every document digitally at any desired workstation via mouse click. This not only saves
time, costs, staff and storage space, but also considerably speeds up business processes.
Advantage: less search stress, quick availability and high customer satisfaction, thanks to fast
processing times. Companies that do not want to go there can quickly lose their connections.

So That Digital Archiving Does Not Become an Expensive Flop

With the purchase of some expensive high-tech scanners, however, it is not done! The most important thing is strategic planning, implementation and adaptation to individual structures and work processes. For small and medium-sized enterprises, it is usually most sensible to bring in an experienced partner for scanning and archiving, who can provide expert advice.

Outsourcing of Expensive Infrastructure Creates Scope for Business

For companies in Switzerland, outsourcing by the Company STAUB. Scanning | Archiving is always an option- a specialist for document digitization. The advantage for Swiss based companies is that they save on the cost of acquisition and operation of electronic scanning, archiving and document management.
Additionally, STAUB. Scanning | Archiving as an external service provider offers very flexible and cost-effective scanning services so that the company’s own resources can be protected and all archiving work can be conveniently separated.
In addition to scanning, consulting and competence, STAUB. Scanning | Archiving also offers many additional practical services for SMEs in Switzerland. These include the convenient collection and delivery service, the shredding of files, the clearing of archive rooms as well as the unclamping and legally safe disposal of documents that are no longer required.

All can be scanned

All can be scanned: letters, invoices, receipts, notes, forms, accounting documents or drawings. Naturally, all documents are archived in a revision-proof manner. Confidentiality is also guaranteed. The search function is particularly convenient, which means that all archived documents can be retrieved immediately.
Companies that rely on outsourcing through the scanning service of the company STAUB. Scanning |
Archiving,  create new free rooms and increase their competitiveness. In addition, the  outsourcing of digital document processing increases flexibility in growth phases.
The scanning specialist of  STAUB. Scanning | Archiving advises companies and SMEs in
Switzerland on the integration of scanning facilities into the company, on the outsourcing of the
existing scanning department and on the work processes of efficient document processing and
STAUB. Scanning | Archiving offers a perfect scanning service for documents and is therefore
the ideal partner for digital added value. www.staubscanning.ch

Company portrait:

STAUB. Scanning | Archiving is an experienced service provider from Zurich Volketswil, which offers a professional document scanning service. In addition to qualified advice on topics such as „slim office“, process optimization, data & archive management, all scanning and archiving services are offered. Through special additional services, companies receive a complete service that leaves hardly any wishes unfulfilled.


STAUB. Scanning | Archivierung
Business A53 Center
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8604 Volketswil, Zürich

Tel. 044 829 33 00

E-Mail info@staubscanning.ch
Web https://www.staubscanning.ch

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